HR Investigations, Culture Reviews
and Mentoring & Coaching

Managing complaints fearlessly, proactively and reducing the cost of conflict. Conflicts are just good information

Creating welcoming workplaces

Workplace Culture Reviews allow for anonymous participation and objective summaries and provide leaders with the whole picture of their culture enabling the creation of effective plans of action.

Assist leadership to become aware of practices that are getting in the way of your employees’ productivity. Systems can create conflict. When there are numerous workplace challenges, a workplace review can provide a whole picture. When issues surface from a number of employees, there may be numerous causes.

We are out-of-the-box thinkers and advocates for common sense who help you see the big picture facilitating the creation of a welcoming workplace. 

We bring excellence in practice and experience to support you in managing your workplace conflicts to create the best possible results.

Managing workplace complaints

We take a coach-approach in addressing workplace complaints, conducting investigations, mentoring internal investigators and coach leaders to transform how you resolve future conflicts.

Complaints are a workplace reality. We work with you to ensure everyone involved in a complaint is treated fairly and objectively.

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